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The prevalence of e-cigarette use has increased over the past decade, with some users beginning to use e-cigarettes primarily because of flavors. This study investigated the role of flavors in initiation among adult e-cigarette users, as well as the association of flavors with satisfaction and perceived addiction to vaping. Various disposable vapes can be purchased online at Cyprus Vapes

The analysis sample consisted of 1492 current e-cigarette users aged 18 or older, drawn from a quantitative online survey conducted in 2016. Multivariate logistic regression and general linear models were used.

Most current e-cigarette users (62.9%) typically used flavors other than tobacco (including fruit, mint/menthol, sweet, candy, coffee, and others), 24.2 % usually used tobacco flavors and 12.9% usually used unflavored e-cigarettes. cigarettes Flavor was a common reason for initiating vaping, selected by 29.5% of the sample. Flavor, particularly fruit flavor, was more likely to motivate young adults aged 18-24 to initiate vaping than adults aged 35-44. Those who used flavors, particularly mint/menthol and flavors other than tobacco flavor, were more likely to report high satisfaction with vaping and had higher risks of perceived vaping addiction than respondents who did not use flavored e-cigarettes.

Flavored e-cigarette users reported greater satisfaction and self-perceived addiction than unflavored e-cigarette users. The appeal of flavors, particularly among young adults, has implications for regulatory policy regarding the marketing and promotion of flavored products. These findings may guide Food and Drug Administration plans to restrict flavors other than menthol, mint and tobacco.

Awareness and use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have increased dramatically since they entered the United States. market in 2007 (Glasser et al., 2017; Manzoli et al., 2015; Miech, Patrick, O'Malley, & Johnston, 2017). E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, humectants to produce an aerosol, flavor additives, and compounds to dissolve flavors (DeVito & Krishnan-Sarin, 2018; Etter & Bullen, 2011). Approximately 7,700 e-liquids from Cheap Geek Bars Cyprus 466 brands are available, each with its own concentration and combination of nicotine and flavors (Barrington-Trimis, Samet, & McConnell, 2014; Zhu et al., 2014). Studies have typically categorized flavors into tobacco, menthol or mint, fruit, candy, other sweets, and coffee (Yingst, Veldheer, Hammett, Hrabovsky, & Foulds, 2017). Flavor is one of the main reasons adults try and continue to use e-cigarettes, although other common reasons for using e-cigarettes as a quit smoking tool include health and curiosity ( Ayers et al., 2017; Patel et al., 2016; Pepper, Ribisl, Emery and Brewer, 2014; Quisenberry et al., 2018; Simmons et al., 2016; Soule, Lopez, Guy and Cobb, 2016; Villanti, Richardson, Vallone and Rath, 2013).

Most adult e-cigarette users use flavored products, with menthol/mint being the most common, followed by fruit (Harrell et al., 2017; Schneller et al., 2018). Flavor appeal differs by age among adult e-cigarette users. Young adults are more likely to cite flavors as a reason for using c-cigarettes than adults 55 or older (Patel et al., 2016; Villanti et al., 2013). Adults 30 and older are less likely than younger adults (18-29) and youth to prefer sweet flavors and more likely to prefer unsweetened flavors (tobacco, menthol, coffee, spices) (Harrell et al. al., 2017; Morean et al., 2018). Flavor appears to be associated with the use of e-cigarettes as a withdrawal strategy to quit combustible cigarettes (Chen, Zhuang, & Zhu, 2016; Litt, Duffy, & Oncken, 2016).

Although e-cigarettes are perceived by most adults to be less addictive than combustible cigarettes overall, younger adults report higher addictive qualities (Donaldson, Hoffman, Zandberg, & Blake, 2017). Compared to non-smokers, cigarette smokers are more likely to believe e-cigarettes are less addictive than cigarettes.

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